Cabinet da casinò Nordamerica

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La gamma di cabinet di GTECH per i casinò del Nordamerica comprende i pluripremiati cabinet per videoslot prodiGi Vu™, Vu Slant™ e MaXVusion™, cabinet a cilindri meccanici PASSION Slots™ e cabinet da casinò AXXIS™, dotati di True 3D™.

Cabinet per videoslot prodiGi Vu™, Vu Slant™ e MaXVusion™, cabinet a cilindri meccanici PASSION Slots™ e cabinet da casinò AXXIS™, dotati di True 3D™.
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This True 3D™ experience is certain to impress with its unique award-winning and patented autostereoscopic technology, using integrated eye-tracking to make images jump off the screen or stretch into infinity in high resolution.

The integrated eye-tracking system detects the player’s position and continuously adjusts the image according to their position. The image is processed and displayed so that the ideal 3D picture self-matches the player’s precise line of sight, allowing freedom of movement in all directions – all without the need for special glasses.

The MaXVusion™ cabinet features our 32” high-definition portrait LCD top screen and offers customized, dynamic content and vibrant game screen features, along with highly visible, theme-specific packaging and a full-color digital button deck.

A 22” high-definition main LCD screen, game-controlled accent lighting, and player-focused ergonomic design will immerse players in a gaming experience like no other.

Passion SLOTS™– 3 and 5 Reel options to heat up your casino floor

The prodiGi Vu cabinet comes fully equipped with features that greatly enhance the player's experience. Our player-tested design includes optimal screen heights and button panel locations, a wrist rest, and increased leg room, all with a design that offers value-driven innovation.

Value-driven entertainment™