Community investement

Over the years, Lottomatica Group’s commitment for the social initiatives has become increasingly systematic, so as to enable the Company to consolidate the many initiatives that have contributed significantly to the development of the community.

The recent integration with GTECH allowed the group not only to consolidate its leading position in the gaming market, but it also offered the opportunity to strengthen the commitment of the Group. In Italy, under the Law 662 of 1996 about 500 million Euro arising from the Gioco del Lotto are channeled into the Ministry for Cultural Heritage, to finance projects for the renovation and enhancement of the Italian artistic heritage.

In addition to the State's commitment, Lottomatica invests resources for several realities that need concrete support. The Company has always been focused and committed in supporting culture, and over the years its efforts have implied a particular attention to the restoration and enhancement of the huge Italian artistic heritage.

Sport too, thanks to the contribution of Gioco del Lotto and Gratta e Vinci, has let Lottomatica play the role of a protagonist: the choice of the Company privileged, together with popular sports such as football, and those so called minor sports, which take root strongly in their territory. The support to those disciplines that do not receive considerable financing by public institutions or by private citizens, let young people make their first steps within young federations. These young people are the ones who are to become tomorrow's athletes.
The commitment in social activities too, directed primarily to children and young people, paying particular attention to projects aimed at improving the living conditions of children in the hospital. Together with these efforts, Gioco del Lotto and Gratta e Vinci offered consistent and significant contributions to the research and training of young researchers that work in the academic world and in the most prestigious research institutions.

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In the United States, GTECH’s philanthropic efforts focus on education, young people, and technology. The GTECH After School Advantage program is a national community investment program, which provides non-profit community agencies and public schools with state-of-the-art computer labs. These computer centers are designed to provide inner-city children aged five to 15 years old with a meaningful, yet fun, learning experience during the critical after-school hours, in a safe environment. This initiative is meant to provide an otherwise unavailable educational experience and bridge the digital divide among at-risk children. By applying GTECH’s knowledge and expertise to this type of program, the Company hopes to increase children's interest in careers in computers and provide them with the necessary tools to help them become more competitive in school and in today's job market.

GTECH's commitment in the local community is distinguished by its involvement with young people and relevant social issues. The Company encourages its employees to give back to their local communities through charitable involvement. With GTECH's Reach Out program, employees receive one-paid workday per year to volunteer at their favorite non-profit organization.

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