Lottomatica & Social Responsibility
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Lottomatica Group works in the gaming sector, in which business growth must be based on full integration of economic choices and social responsibility towards the community.
The approach to this matter therefore has its foundations, as well as ethical reasons and concerns for public image, on the ability to create value over time for all of its stakeholders: healthy and responsible growth of the business and high standards of ethical behavior are essential in obtaining the consensus of not only the financial markets but also worldwide public opinion.

The call to action with integrity and responsibility and concerns for creating value lies within the very mission of the company: "Lottomatica Group's mission is to consolidate and enhance its leadership position as marketer and supplier of technology on the worldwide gaming market by offering high-level solutions, services and products, with integrity, responsibility and value for shareholders".

The adopted model of Social Responsibility, which directs company strategies, reflects these principles and is divided into four areas: a responsible gaming policy that follows the strictest and most rigorous standards set by European and worldwide associations; continuous commitment to the community in culture, sports and social matters, with initiatives funded by the proceeds originating from games managed by Lottomatica Group; an ever-growing attention to environmental sustainability; continuous communication and involvement with the stakeholders.

Report to its stakeholders, with transparency and accuracy, not only on economic matters, but on social, cultural and environmental matters that are affected by company activities, through annual presentation of the Group Social Report.

Continually develop and update the action plan on responsible gaming, in line with the latest international standards in responsible gaming established by the World Lotteries Association and by the European Lotteries Association.

Contribute to community development through investments in cultural, sporting, educational and social initiatives.

Show a growing concern for the environment through a program that monitors and reduces the environmental impact of the company's activities.

In June 2009 Lottomatica Group, first operator in Italy and among the few in Europe, obtained certification of compliance with Responsible Gaming standards set by the European Lotteries Association.

In October 2009, the World Lottery Association granted the company with the highest level of certification offered by the WLA Responsible Gaming Framework (Level 4).

For the second consecutive year in 2009, Lottomatica Group published and presented its Social Report to the press. The 2008 Social Report obtained the highest level of accreditation by the Global Reporting Initiative (A+).

In 2009, Lottomatica Group invested over 10 million euros in social, cultural and sporting initiatives in favor of the community.

In 2009, Lottomatica carried out an assessment of the environmental impact of its activities and defined a plan that starting 2010 aims to reduce consumption of paper and raw materials.