The Global Compliance Plan
Given that GTECH S.p.A. is subject to complex regulatory framework that governs the global gaming business and to the controls carried out by Supervisory Authorities and Governmental Bureaus and Bodies, the Company has adopted a Global Compliance and Governance Program to ensure conditions of correctness and transparency in running the Company business.
The Global Compliance and Governance program requires that all personnel, working directly or indirectly with the Group, share the basic values of integrity, trust, respect and excellence.

The program is divided into three main elements: Global Compliance and Governance Committee, Government Affairs Policy and the Code of Conduct.

According to the Global Compliance and Governance model, the Global Compliance and Governance Committee was created to establish the most appropriate procedures for evaluating situations, decisions and information concerning the gaming business, the compliance to the regulations of the various jurisdictions, the correctness of the contract relations and any situation reported by the Chief Compliance Officer.

The model also includes the activities of the Compliance Department, responsible for providing support and assistance regarding any ethical question, any possible issues concerning the compliance with any legal requirements and or to general self-regulating policies adopted by the Group.

The objective of the Government Affairs Policy is to provide efficient guidelines for the management of relations and agreements referring to the current gaming contracts or licenses and to the development of new potential businesses. For this reason, Lottomatica has set up a Government Affairs Committee that ensures the adoption and respect of Group policies in the course of managing government affairs.

Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct establishes the standards of behavior and the integrity level requested from all the employees, directors, auditors, officers, consultants, contractors, commercial partners, agents, suppliers and other representatives of GTECH S.p.A. and of its subsidiaries. It applies both in Italy and abroad, in compliance with the cultural, social and economic differences of the countries where the Company works.
Code of Conduct October 2013
Licensing Processes
Licensing requirements
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