Corporate Bodies

Lorenzo Pellicioli


Born on July 29, 1951 in Alzano Lombardo (Bergamo). Married, three children. He lives in Milan.

He started his career as a journalist for the newspaper Giornale Di Bergamo and afterwards he became Bergamo TV Programmes Vice President.

From 1978 to 1984, he held different posts in the sector of the Italian private television for Manzoni Pubblicità, Publikompass up to his nomination as Rete4 General Manager.

In 1984, he joined the Gruppo Mondadori Espresso, the first Italian publishing group. He was initially appointed General Manager for Advertising Sales and Mondadori Periodici (magazines) Vice General Manager and afterwards President and CEO of Manzoni & C. S.p.A, advertising rep of the Group.

From 1990 to 1997, he was appointed first President and CEO of Costa Cruise Lines in Miami, being part of Costa Crociere Group operating in the North American market (USA, Canada and Mexico) and then became Worldwide General Manager of Costa Crociere S.p.A., based in Genoa.

From 1995 to 1997 he was also appointed President and CEO of the Compagnie Française de Croisières (Costa-Paquet), the Paris-based subsidiary of Costa Crociere. As from 1997, he took part to the privatisation of SEAT Pagine Gialle purchased by a group of financial investors. After the acquisition he was appointed CEO of SEAT.

In February 2000, he was also in charge of the “Internet Business Unit” of the Telecom Italia Group following the sale of SEAT. In September 2001, following the acquisition of Telecom Italia by the Pirelli Group, he resigned.

As from November 2005 he is CEO of the De Agostini Group, an Italian financial group with ownership in the publishing sector (De Agostini Editore), games and lotteries (Lottomatica/GTECH), media and communications (Antena Tres – Spanish television leader, Zodiak Media Group, a leader company in the production and distribution of television and media content), in the financial investments (DeA Capital).

He is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lottomatica, Chairman of the Board of Directors of DeA Capital, companies listed on the Milan stock market, chairman of Zodiak Media, Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Générale de Santé and he is member of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A.

He is also member of the Advisory Boards of Investitori Associati IV, Wisequity II e Macchine Italia and Palamon Capital Partners.

From 2006 he is member of the Global Clinton Initiative.

He was formerly also a member of the Boards of Directors of Enel, INAAssitalia, Toro Assicurazioni and of the Advisory Board of Lehman Brothers Merchant Banking.

Marco Sala


Born in 1959 in Milan, where he graduated in Business and Economics at Bocconi University.

He joined Kraft in 1985, holding various roles in the Marketing Department.

In 1993 he was appointed Marketing Director of the Fresh Food Division, and two years later was given the role of Sales Director in the same division. In 1997 he joined Magneti Marelli (a Fiat Group company) as Head of the Spare Parts Division.

Two years later he also became Head of the Lubricants Division.

In April 2001 he joined SEAT Pagine Gialle as Head of the Italian Business Directories Division.

In November he became Head of the entire Business Directories area with responsibility for a number of international companies such as Thomson (Great Britain), Euredit (France) and Kompass (Italy).

After a brief period as CEO of Buffetti, in March 2003 he joined Lottomatica in the role of Chief Executive and Member of the Board.

Following Lottomatica’s takeover of GTECH, leading international supplier of technologies for games and services, in August 2006 he was appointed CEO and General Manager of Lottomatica with responsibility over European activities and, since April 2009, he is CEO of Lottomatica with powers on the entire group.

Jaymin Patel


As President and CEO of GTECH Corporation, Jaymin Patel is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of the Company.

He works directly with GTECH’s and Lottomatica’s management teams to execute the Company’s vision in the continuous effort to deliver value to its customers, shareholders, and employees.

In May 2007, Patel was named President and Chief Operating Officer of GTECH, and was appointed a member of the Lottomatica Board of Directors in November 2007. Patel joined GTECH in July of 1994, after approximately five years with PricewaterhouseCoopers in London.

From January 2000 to April 2007, Patel served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of GTECH Corporation, and from August 2006 to April 2007, he also served as Chief Financial Officer of Lottomatica S.p.A.
During his seven years as Chief Financial Officer of GTECH, Patel was instrumental in driving growth across the business, leading several mergers and acquisitions, cost optimization initiatives, and substantially improving the capital efficiency of the Company.
Patel’s tenure as the Chief Financial Officer culminated in his leading the cross-border financing for the Lottomatica acquisition of GTECH.

Patel holds a BA (honors) degree from Birmingham Polytechnic (UK), and qualified as a Chartered Accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, London.

Paolo Ceretti


Born in Turin in 1955, he gained his professional experience inside the Agnelli Group, holding from 1979 positions of increasing importance at Fiat (Internal Auditing and Finance) and in the Financial Services Sector (Planning, Credit and Control) and subsequently assuming the position of Head of Strategic Planning and Development of IFIL.

After assuming responsibility for the internet B2C sector of Fiat/IFIL in 1999 as CEO and General Manager of CiaoHolding and CiaoWeb, he was appointed CEO and General Manager of Global Value, a Fiat/IBM joint venture in the Information Technology sector.

Since 2004, he has been General Manager of De Agostini. In 2007 he was appointed Managing Director of DeA Capital. He is a member of the Board of Directors of De Agostini Editore, Zodiak Media, Generale de Santé, and other companies.

Marco Drago


Marco Drago has been the Chairman of De Agostini, one of Italy's largest family-run groups, since 1997.

During this time he has steered the company through a crucial evolutionary phase.

As Chief Executive Officer of the Editorial Group during the 80s and 90s he was the driving force behind the exceptional growth in Italy and especially abroad.

Since 2000, as part of a diversification strategy, he has led the Group's expansion in the lottery, games and services sector with Lottomatica – GTECH; in the media and communications sector with Antena 3 de Television in Spain (with the Planeta Group) and Mikado Film and Magnolia in Italy; in the insurance sector with Toro, later sold to the Generali Group; and in the finance sector with DeA Capital.

Since October 2006 he has been Chairman of the Board of Partners of B&D, a family limited partnership created to ensure cohesion in share ownership, consistency of intent and continuity in deliberation making over the long term
He is also Vice President of the De Agostini Planeta Group, and a Director of Antena 3 de Television, DeA Capital, De Agostini Editore, Zodiak Media and S. Faustin (Techint Group).

Born in Settimo Torinese, in the province of Turin, in 1946, he graduated in Economics and Business from the Università Bocconi in Milan in 1969.
That same year his career in the family company began when he joined the De Agostini Geographical Institute.

Following appointments as Executive Officer and Managing Director, he then replaced Achille Boroli as Chairman of De Agostini.
In 1970 he married Donata Morandi and they have three children: Enrico and Nicola, both graduates in Economics from the Università Bocconi andMarcella, a graduate inModern Literature.

He has received important awards such as “Bocconi Fellow of the Year” in 2001, and was made a Cavaliere del Lavoro (an Italian decoration given to important figures in industry, roughly equivalent to a knighthood) in 2003.

Donatella Busso
Independent Director


Born in Savigliano (Cuneo) in 1973, she lives in Turin.
In 1996, she graduated with honors in Economics and Business at the University of Turin.
In 1996, she began to work at the Department of Management – University of Turin as Assistant Lecturer. After obtaining a permanent position as a researcher in 2000, in 2006 she qualified as associate professor of “Economics and business administration”.

In the same University, she teaches “Consolidated Financial Statements”, “International GAAP” and “Financial Planning” Currently she is Vice Dean in charge of teaching activities at University of Turin, Department of Management.
She is advisor for some Italian listed and non listed companies.

She is speaker in numerous training programs about financial accounting, IAS/IFRS and consolidated financial statement for Italian listed companies and other primary institutions.

Certified Public Accountant (Dottore Commercialista), from 2009 to 2013 she was statutory auditor of Tyco Electronics Italia Holding S.r.l.

Alberto Dessy
Independent Director


A chartered accountant specialised in corporate finance, and especially the evaluation of companies, trademarks, equity and investments, financial structure, channels and loan instruments, funding for development and in acquisitions and disposals of companies.

He has been an expert witness for parties to lawsuits and as an independent expert appointed by the court in various legal disputes.

He has been and still is on the boards of directors of many companies, both listed and unlisted, such as Redaelli Tecna S.p.A. with head office in Milan, Laika Caravans S.p.A. with head office in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa (FI), Premuda S.p.A. with head office in Genoa, I.M.A. with head office in Castenaso (BO), Milano Centro S.p.A. with head office in Milan, and DeA Capital S.p.A. with head office in Milan.

He graduated from Bocconi University in Milan in 1978 with a final grade of 110 cum laude, and was Professor of "Business Valuation" in the Masters' course in Business Administration at Bocconi University from 1988 to 2008.

Anna Gatti
Independent Director


Anna Gatti lives in San Francisco, where she is co-founder and CEO of a start up in artificial intellicenge applied to big data. She is a veteran in the tech industry with years of experience in online monetization in Silicon Valley and around the world.

Anna has been responsible for the first ever launch of the advertising program at Skype, including strategy and execution of new monetization streams.

Prior to Skype, Anna was the Head of the International Online Sales and Operations at YouTube, where she led users acquisition and monetization strategy and operations for the international online business. Before joining Google/YouTube, Anna was partner of MyQube Venture Capital Fund, and she was responsible for the US operations.

Prior to her venture capitalist experience, Anna Gatti was senior economist at the World Health Organization in Geneva. She was also invited as visiting professor at several universities, including Stanford University and University of California, Berkeley.

Anna serves as Indipendent Director for Piquadro (Italy, PQ:IM Borsaitaliana). Anna also serves as advisor for early stage start-ups.

Anna Gatti holds a PhD in Business Administration and a PhD in Criminology. She also completed a post-doctoral program in Organizational Behaviour at Stanford University. She graduated with Laude in Business Administration from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.

Antonio Mastrapasqua
Independent Director


Dati Personali

Nome: Antonio Mastrapasqua
Data di nascita: 20 settembre 1959


Università degli studi di Roma "La Sapienza" - Laurea in Economia e Commercio
Iscritto all'Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti di Roma
Iscritto al Registro dei Revisori Contabili
Iscritto all'Ordine Nazionale dei Giornalisti Pubblicisti

Esperienza Professionale

2014 - oggi GTECH SpA - Consigliere Indipendente e Presidente del Comitato
per le remunerazioni e le nomine
2001 - oggi Ospedale Israelitico – Direttore Generale
2012 - 2014 Idea Fimit Sgr SpA – Presidente del Consiglio di Amministrazione
2008 - 2014 Inps Istituto Nazionale Previdenza Sociale, ricoprendo le cariche di:
  • - Presidente
  • - Commissario Straordinario
  • - Consigliere
2005 - 2014 Equitalia SpA, ricoprendo le cariche di:
  • - Consigliere
  • - Vice Presidente Esecutivo
Ha ricoperto inoltre le cariche di:
  • - Presidente
  • - Vice Presidente
  • - Consigliere
delle società partecipate Equitalia SpA ante fusione.

Ha svolto e svolge attività professionale come:

  • - Amministratore
  • - Presidente Collegio Sindacale
  • - Sindaco effettivo
  • - Componente O.D.V.
di diverse Società a carattere nazionale.

Nel corso dell'attività professionale ha effettuato lavori di revisione di natura contabile e fiscale, ed ha svolto consulenza di carattere tributario e societario, nei confronti di aziende industriali o di servizi di Società ed Enti pubblici e privati. Ha partecipato, anche in qualità di relatore, a diversi convegni sulle materie economiche e sociali tra cui ad Aspen Italia e al Forum Ambrosetti.

Elena Vasco
Independent Director


Born in West Hartford (USA) on December 31, 1964, Elena Vasco is in charge of administration, finance and properties area and Vice Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan since June 2009.

She is also a member of the board of directors of Banca Carige, Isagro S.p.A. and Orizzonte SGR.

Graduated cum laude in Economy and Commerce with the University of Naples she later achieved a master of Science in economics at Northeastern University in Boston.

Among the prior professional experiences from 1992 to 1997, she worked for Mediobanca Servizio Partecipazioni e Affari Speciali (stockholdings service and special affairs) with a particular focus on corporate consultancy, M&A and corporate finance.

In 1997 she joined HdP (now RCS Mediagroup) as Dire ctor of strategic planning and financial control, Chief Executive Officer of RCS Broadcast as well as member of the boards of directors of a number of companies, such as RCS Editori S.p.A., Valentino S.p.A., GFT Net S.p.A., RCS Libri S.p.A., RCS Pubblicità S.p.A., Unedisa-Unidad Editorial and RAI Sat.

In 2006 she became CFO of Milano Serravalle Milano Tangenziali also serving as Chairman of Sabrom (an highway cooncessionaire).

Charter of the board of directors