Our Sustainability Policy

GTECH S.p.A. commitment on the subject of sustainability arises from the conviction that, also in consideration of the particular sector in which it operates, it is indispensable to integrate business development with attention to the social implications that may derive from it. So what inspires the Company's sustainability strategy is the conviction that responsible growth represents the only possible alternative to ensure the creation of constant value over time for all the stakeholders in addition to shareholders and employees.

Responsibility therefore represents in the company's view one of the main driving forces to strengthen brand reputation and encourage the trust of customers' and of all stakeholders as much as other forces more directly linked to the management of the business.

GTECH S.p.A. is one of the major players worldwide in the gaming sector and the first gaming operator in Italy; this role is accompanied by huge responsibilities on the part of the Company toward the various stakeholders in the countries where the Group operates. First of all, is the responsibility of pursuing sustainable expansion by sharing on all levels of basic values and the translation of said values into concrete attitudes and projects. Company's worldwide size makes communicating and sharing these principles even more important, and also for this reason the reference to responsibility is also reproduced in the logo and in its business mission.

In 2012 several guidelines of the sustainability strategy were confirmed. They demonstrated their effectiveness also in consideration of some important recognition obtained in the previous year. In particular, in consideration of the global size of the Company and the various regulations to which it is subjected in the various countries where it operates and in function of its specific activity sector, the principle of transparency and integrity of the adopted corporate governance system is always carefully pursued. In regard to the subject of environmental sustainability, recently there has been a great commitment especially in regard to the two major reference communities consisting of Italy and the United States. In particular, in the United States, where various offices of the Company are present with a strong concentration of employees and activities, a significant project was pursued to measure the environmental impact and to start activities targeted to earning the ISO 14001:2004 certification, obtained at the beginning of 2011. In Italy, the project started a few years ago to measure environmental impact, was essential for the adoption of an Energy Management System able to obtain in 2011 the EN 16001:2009 certification.

The subject of Responsible Gaming represents a central element in GTECH's sustainability strategy both in terms of the Italian activities, that have a direct impact on the gamer, and in regard to the other sectors of the Company that support gaming operators with suitable solutions and tools.