The GTECH Lotteries segment covers the activities performed by the Group through GTECH pertaining to design, sale and management of systems for the operation of online and instant lotteries. Regarding the online lotteries segment, Lotteries GTECH is a leading supplier of innovative technology, global products and services, high level customer assistance services combined with a constant attention to the principle of Responsible Gaming. GTECH provides global services to some of the major operators of lotteries worldwide, it designs, develops, installs, manages and performs maintenance of online lottery systems for government and authorized concession holders worldwide; it also supplies instant ticket vending machines (ITVM), printing and design services as well as promotional activities and interactive gaming functions. GTECH has a presence in approximately 60 countries and as of December 31, 2010, it provides online devices and services to 24 out of 44 government authorized lotteries in the United States and to 52 international customers. GTECH Lotteries closed 2011 with EUR 857.4 million in revenue.